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Improve your Golf

Track your on course performance.

Identify your TRUE weaknesses.

Compare & monitor your improvement.


Recording stats isn’t just for the Elite player. Every golfer, regardless of ability, will benefit from the in-depth, easy to understand, analysis of their game that LowerYourScores.com provides.  Now you can improve your golf by spending time working on the areas that will make the biggest difference, rather than just beating balls!

At LowerYourScores.com we're not your typical statistics website.  We know how important the stats numbers are to helping you improve your game, but we also understand that it would be remiss of us to arm you with all this data and not guide and help you use it in the most efective way.


LowerYourScores.com is more than just a golf statistics program, we are all about golf improvement.  Over the coming weeks and months we'll be adding many more articles and videos covering everything from swing instruction and effective practice through to golf fitness and nutrition.


Watch this space!

Working on your backswing

The Key to a perfect downswing

Why should I sign up to LowerYourScores.com?

  • It's Free, you've got nothing to lose!

  • If you want to improve your golf, you need to measure your performace

  • Time is precious and you want to improve in the most effective way possible.

  • I am happier when I play good golf

  • I want to be happy!

How will LowerYourScores.com help me improve?

  • Tracking your statistics and acting upon this information is proven to lower your scores.

  • You can identify the exact weaknesses in your game and track your improvement over time.

  • If you work with a coach, he can tailor your lessons based on your performance.

  • We've got a huge catalogue of tips and advice to help you improve your game.


Tracking and measuring your on-course performance WILL help you improve your golf.


Regardless of ability, if you have the desire to play better golf, you need to have LowerYourScores.com on your side.


  • Enter unlimited rounds

  • Identify your strengths & weakneses

  • Make your practice more effective

  • Completely FREE!


LowerYourScores.com will track your students on course performance.


LowerYourScores.com for coaches gives you the tools and information to help fast-track your students improvement.



  • Unlimited students

  • Compare different players

  • Track improvements

  • Completely FREE!