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Get a unique insight into your golf game has been designed by PGA Professionals to make Tour level statistics available for every golfer at no cost, giving you the opportunity to improve like the Pros.

Driving provides performance data on all your drives, including Fairways Hit, Fairways & Semi and detailed analysis on where your misses land.

Approach Play

Track your Greens in Regulation and improve your approach play by learning where your misses go. Armed with this information you can plan how to improve. We measure your accuracy grouped into short, medium and long approach shots, but we don’t stop there, we break this down even further into your performance with individual clubs. provides in-depth analysis on your short game. We measure how close you hit it from <11 yards, 11-30 yards and 31-50 yards. Not only that, we'll show you how many times you get Up & Down with individual clubs from each of these distances. You can view this data for shots from all lies, excluding bunkers or bunker shots only.

Short Game


See how many putts you take per round, the length of putts you hole and your putts per Green in Regulation. We also measure your Putt Conversion rate for 4 different ranges – Holing out (1-3ft), Short (4-7ft), Medium (8-17ft) and Long (18ft+), along with an analysis of where you miss.

Get a performance rating for 10 of the most important statistics. Your handicap is simply an average of your game – you will be better at some areas and worse at others. By identifying and working on your weaknesses you can speed up your improvement and Lower Your Scores.

Rate Your Game

Compare Your Performance

Track your improvement by comparing your statistics between any two dates. See how you perform under pressure by comparing Tournament rounds against Practice rounds. Big changes are not necessarily required for you to play better golf. Small improvements in the right areas will improve your game. gives you the information you need to do this.

By giving your coach access to your statistics, he can monitor your on course performance – information that he cannot see on the range. This means that the time you spend with your coach will be much more effective. If your coach is not already on, then ask him to contact us.

Share with your Coach

Device Friendly

We’ve designed to be device friendly and we are currently optimised for use on Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Devices.

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