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Frequently asked Questions


Why is the #1 free stats app?


Knowing how many fairways & greens you hit, how many putts you make and your average scores is interesting, however it won’t make you a better player.To improve your golf game you need to understand what happens on your bad or off-target shots. That’s why we capture so much more data than other free stats packages.’s in-depth analysis gives you the information you need to play better golf.


Can I track the performance of different clubs?


With you can track the performance of multiple drivers, hybrids, and putters. You can also track the performance of every other club in your bag.


Will work on my Tablet device? works on any desktop, laptop or tablet device but isn’t currently optimised for smartphone.



Can I use if I don’t have a Coach?


Yes! is designed for players to use either on their own or in association with their Coach. Within the system we provide guidance and support for players to help them understand their stats and use that information to work on the right things to help play better golf.

What if my Coach isn’t listed on

If your Coach isn’t currently listed, simply ask them to Apply here


Can I use outside of the UK?

Yes! works anywhere that you want to play golf.



How do I enter a round into

We provide an optional card for you to download that lets you record all of the information about the round you’ve played. Once you’ve finished your round you simply login to the system and our easy to use Enter a Round function lets you enter your data quickly and efficiently.


Can I enter a round whilst I’m on the course?

We believe that the golf course is for playing golf, and although we ask you to record data at the end of each hole your golf would suffer if you were getting your phone out after every shot. Not to mention slow play! We also find entering your round once you’ve finished playing a great way to reflect on your course management.


What if my course isn’t currently listed on

No problem! We have an easy to use Add Course function that allows you to enter a new course in a matter of minutes.

How much does it cost? is completely FREE!

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