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Launch of is an innovative new Free Performance Analysis system for golfers, designed & developed by Perth-based brothers Niall & Alasdair McGill.


After launching into the Golf Professional market in October last year (Niall is a PGA Professional, based at Noah’s Ark Golf Centre in Perth), the system will have its’ full Public Launch on 28th March. With over 200 golf professionals already signed up, LowerYourScores is ready to take the UK golf market by storm!


Two years in the making, is the realisation of a vision to help golfers play better golf, reduce their scores and enjoy the game more. Despite the advances in technology over the past thirty years, the average golfer’s handicap has remained the same. provides the player with a unique insight into their game. Our innovative Relative Handicap system rates the player for ten different aspects of their game – providing an overview of their strengths & weaknesses. In this instance, the statistics don’t lie!


Working alone, or with their coach, the player can then use this information to identify the areas of their game to work on that will deliver the biggest returns. Instead of going to the driving range and just getting the driver out, will make your practice more effective and you’ll be able to track your performance improvement over time. Where LowerYourScores differs from existing golf statistics systems is in the way it presents data and also in the depth of Performance Analysis it provides. Rather than presenting the user with rows of data in tables, which is very difficult to read and interpret, LowerYourScores is a graphically rich system that makes Performance Analysis easy to understand and makes you want to use it more!


Put in your bag and your scores will tumble! Don’t just take our word for it however, here’s what some of our users have to say: -


“Serious about your season and want to track your stats? is the best way in my opinion. Visually much easier for most.” – Billy Fyfe, PGA Golf Professional, Paul Lawrie Golf Centre, Aberdeen


“I've been using LowerYourScores since August and it’s improved my game and practice like you won't believe.” – Iain Taylor, Aberdeen


To find out how can transform your golf game, visit today and sign up Free.


You can also follow us on twitter @loweryourscores and Like us on Facebook at

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