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Are you really a bad short putter?

The majority of players who struggle with their putting blame their short putting for all their woes. But is this truly the cause of their poor putting, or is this just what they perceive to be the fault as the ‘short’ putt is the one that the player believes he should have holed. Personally I think that for a large number of golfers, if they spent more time on their mid and long range putts rather than the short ones, then their putting average would come down. What is my reasoning you may ask? Well, for most golfers the conversion rate for putts holed really starts to drop once you get outside 3ft and when you get past 6ft, it goes off the end of a cliff. So, if you can work on your pace for mid and long putts and try to get them within the 3ft magic circle, your putting average will come down. You will also likely hole more longer putts as your pace gets better. If you don’t hit your first putts close enough, you’re not going to be able to avoid the dreaded 3 putt for long!

Niall McGill

PGA Professional

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