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Hybrid Golf

The hybrid club is by far the most versatile club ever to hit the golf market and today I'll show you some of the ways you can put it to use.

Firstly a straight forwards fairway/approach shot. Place the ball a 2 or 3 inches inside your left heel and play with a smooth swing. This will produce quite a high soft landing ball flight, ideal for carrying any trouble in front of the green.

You can also try placing the ball further back in your stance and playing a chaser. Your ball will now fly much lower and scamper up the fairway, unaffected by the wind. This is a great shot on the par 5 or off the tee on the tight oar 4.

These clubs are sometimes called “rescue” clubs for a reason, as they can be played from almost any lie. If your ball lies in the rough then try playing your hybrid club, as its small head will cut through the grass but as it is larger than an iron it creates more momentum and will not tangle up too much. Use a bit steeper swing for this shot.

You can also play it from a fairway bunker, as its wide sole it will not dig into the sand but has enough loft to clear the lip. (Don't try this in a pot bunker!)

Oh, it’s also great for playing a wee chip and run from the side of the green.

Your hybrid is your friend, use it wisely and often!

Niall McGill


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