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Digging it out of the Rough

Playing golf from a nicely cut fairway is difficult enough, but what about when your ball is lying in deep rough?

This article will show you the technique that’ll get your ball out the rough and back into play.

The first thing you must do is select a club with enough loft to dig the ball out. If in doubt, always select more loft, and the rule goes, that the longer the grass, the more lofted a club is required.

At address position, play the ball in the centre of your stance and favour your lead foot slightly with your weight. Make a steeper back swing by picking your arms up much more than normal, keeping your weight on your lead foot. You must now swing steeply down on the ball with force, no delicacy required!.

The steep downswing will prevent too much grass from getting between club head and ball. If you attempt to scoop the ball out of this lie, then your club head will get tangled in the long grass, and will end in failure.

This shot requires a combination of technique and brute force, and is a shot that not many players practice. Go find some long grass, get some practice done and you'll be ahead of the field.

Niall McGill


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