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If you want to consistently keep the ball in play, then you’re going to have to keep your clubface as passive as possible throughout your golf swing. If your clubface is too active through excessive hinging and releasing of the wrists then you’d better be prepared to start shouting Fore!

Rory McIlroy in a recent interview, explained how he has been working on making his backswing more connected and therefore wider and shorter. This has all been in an effort to make it easier to get his club consistently back to the ball. It seems to be working!

Your first move away from the ball should be a connected rock of your shoulders where you maintain the triangle shape formed between your shoulders and arms. This connected ‘almost wooden’ feeling should continue until the top of your backswing where your club shaft with a mid iron should ideally stop before it’s parallel to the ground. If your backswing gets disconnected and your hands start to take over, then your top of back swing position will be cramped and narrow making it almost impossible to get your club consistently back to the ball.

Try practicing this movement in front of a mirror at home until you become comfortable with the feeling then get out & take it to the range and course.

Niall McGill

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