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Bump & Run

Now that the ground is finally starting to firm up, its time to get your 7 iron out and play some good old fashioned bump and run shots.

If you try to lob all your chips shots high up in the air then you are asking for trouble, and I would suggest that you only use the high option when you must. It is much easier to judge both distance and direction when the ball is kept low to the ground.

I generally use a 7 iron for this shot, although you can use almost any club in your bag, the ball will simply bump more or run more depending on your choice. Your feet should be quite close together with the ball towards your right foot and your weight favouring your left side around 60:40. With a light grip pressure you should now rock your shoulders back and through keeping both sides of your swing equidistant.

The length of your swing and NOT by how hard you hit should determine how far the ball travels. Give it a go and you should be pleasantly surprised.

If you have a hybrid club in your bag then try giving it a go for this shot, as the wider sole will help prevent the leading edge from digging in.

Niall McGill


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