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Playing when the ball is above your feet

In this article we are going to look at playing the ball when it is above your feet. This shot is can be tricky and requires some adjustment in your stance and set up.

Firstly you are going to have to grip down the club, any where from 1 inch to almost on the metal of the shaft which will be dependent upon how much the ball is above your feet. You should place the ball further back in your stance as the tendency when the ball is above your feet is to catch the ground a little early, and this will compensate. The final piece of the set up is to ensure that you aim to the right of your target as when the ball is above your feet the tilted angle on the clubface loft makes it point to the left.

This can feel strange at first as your mind will tell you that you will leave your shots out to the right, but fear not the physics will take care of this!

When swinging, just keep your movement as smooth as possible, making sure that you complete both back and through swings, and remember that your ball should turn right to left in the air, a straight ball flight is not to be expected.

Niall McGill


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