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Step on the Power

If you ever wonder how a player like Rory McIlroy can hit the ball such long distances, much of this power comes from a move that is made during the transitional phase of his golf swing. To maximise the power in your golf swing it’s essential that your body weight begins to transfer to your front foot before the backswing is completed, allowing you to fully leverage your potential power.

This exercise will help you step on the power during your transition and gain a few extra yards.

Address the ball (which should be pegged on a low tee), then move your left foot and club over until they are beside your right foot. Now start your backswing by pivoting your shoulders and hips. As your club reaches chest high you should begin to step your body weight forward onto your left foot as your arms continue back to complete your backswing. This will produce a much more fluid transitional movement and by the time you reach impact position you should have nearly all of your weight on your left foot and will have the freedom of movement to swing through to a complete finish.

When you first try the exercise, you’ll find it difficult to strike the ball with any consistency, but with a little practice you’ll really start to get the feel for it.

Niall McGill

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