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Why does Bob keep beating me?

We’ve all been there. We play a regular weekend match with ‘Bob’. There is nothing particularly great about Bob’s golf game, in fact we believe that we’re a better golfer than Bob. But Bob keeps taking our money!

This is very common occurrence in golf. There are thousands of Bob’s around the world who keep taking the cash every week and they send home many more thousands of frustrated golfers. So, why does Bob keep taking our cash and how do we get some of it back?

Well, Bob keeps beating you, by being fairly average and being average is not such a bad thing. Although Bob will have areas of his game that are better and some that are worse, the void between the two is not nearly as big as yours and this void is what you need to work on. It’s ok to have one area of your game that is much better than all the rest, but what you can’t have is one area that is much worse than all the rest.

Once you have around 6 rounds entered onto then you will really start to see how your game stacks up. Identifying your main weakness and working on bringing that up to an acceptable standard will really improve your game. By using the ‘Season Comparison’ function, you can compare your stats between any 2 time periods and this will help you track your improvement.

Bob, we’re gunning for you…

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