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Practice Plan - Wedge Distance Control

This practice plan is based on hitting a basket of 50 golf balls.Firstly take a few minutes to warm up, stretching and making practice swings, then choose one of you wedges and follow the plan below.• 4 balls – making a relatively full swing and aiming at a distant target to complete your warm up and get a feel for the ball.• 16 balls – Pick 4 different targets between 20 & 100 yards and hit 4 balls to each starting with the shortest distance.• 15 balls – Using the same 4 targets, randomly change target after each shot.• 9 balls – Play 3 low flight pitches, 3 standard pitches & 3 lob shots• 6 balls – To finish, randomly change after each ball between your 4 targets.To get the most from your practice sessions, it is essential that they are properly structured, and that every single ball is accounted for and given 100% concentration.

Niall McGill

PGA Professional

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