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Shaft Lean

Do you find that your iron shots tend to balloon into the air and that you are losing distance especially against the wind?

If so then the chances are that you are adding loft to your clubface at impact. At address position with a 7 iron, your club shaft should be leaning forward by around 5 degrees. For every 1 degree that the shaft leans forward, the clubs loft will reduce by 1 degree. If you pivot correctly on the backswing and then transfer your weight forward on the downswing, then you should find that the amount of shaft lean increases to around 10 degrees at impact. This forward shaft lean means that you will have less loft on your club face at impact than you did at address, producing a nice strong ball flight that will be less affected by the wind.

If you sway off the ball on the backswing or don’t transfer your weight forward on the down swing, then you will likely create backward shaft lean at impact and will add loft to your clubface creating a higher weaker ball flight.

Try practicing in front of a mirror, so that you can ‘feel’ the correct positions. As your movement improves, you will see your ball flight come down.

Niall McGill

PGA Professional

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