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How ball position can help shape your shots.

During the golf swing, your club head travels on a kind of big circle. It’s not exactly a circle, in fact it’s really more of an arc or ellipse, but the movement is certainly rounded and not straight back and through. As such, when you swing down towards impact, the direction your club head is travelling in relation to your target line, is ever changing due to the curvature of the movement.

The more a ball is struck with an inside to out swing path (to the right of target), then the more draw spin will be imparted on the ball. Conversely, the more the ball is struck with an outside to in swing path (to the left of target), the more cut spin will be imparted on the ball.So, how does this relate to ball position?

And how can this affect my ball flight?

What this information does, is confirm just how important ball position is to the shape of shot we are going to hit.If you place the ball further forward in your stance, you will have a more leftward path, as the ball will be struck later on the arc, making it more likely to impart cut spin on the ball.

A ball placed back in your stance will increase the chances of drawing the ball, as your swing path will be more to the right as the ball will be struck earlier on the arc.

So, if you want to work on drawing the ball, then practice with the ball further back in your stance and if you w ant to work on cutting it, then move it more forward.*all of the above is presuming a neutral club face.

Niall McGill

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