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Practice 'Golf' at the range.

When you visit the driving range it’s really important that you go there to practice golf.

Now that sounds pretty logical, but you’d be amazed at how many golfers go to the range and practice something that resembles golf, but is not golf!

What do I mean by that?


1. When was the last time you walked around the golf course with a basket of balls and randomly hit them about?

2. Do you rapid fire golf balls in quick repetition on the course?

The answers are, never and no!

When you go to the range, you must make your practice as realistic and effective as possible.

Here are my top 3 tips for your range practice sessions.

1. Always go through your Pre Shot routine, including practice swings (no rapid fire).

2. Always play to a target.

3. Always complete your follow through and hold a balanced finish, regardless of how bad a shot you hit.

If you follow this advice, your practice sessions will become much more effective and your game will see the benefits.

Niall McGill

PGA Professional

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