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Practicing you Draw

This practice plan is designed to help you hit a controlled draw with your iron shots.

There has been a huge change over the past few years in our understanding of what creates the various ball flights in golf. It was previously believed that to hit a draw, you should aim your clubface where you want the ball to finish (the pin), and aim your body and swing direction where you want the ball to start (to the right of target).

This is now known to be wrong, and although your ball would draw in flight, it would start too straight and then shape away from your target.

To hit a functional draw that finishes on target, your clubface must aim to the right of your target (this is where you want ball to start), then you must make sure that you swing more to the right than the club face points, this will create the curve.

It is the clubface that has most influence on the initial direction of the ball, and the swing path which creates the curve – this has flipped our previous beliefs on their head!

First take a few minutes to warm up, and then select 2 irons (from your set. This plan is based upon a basket of 50 balls.

• 10 balls – Hit these balls with a wedge to complete your warm up.

• 30 balls – Pick your target, and try to draw your ball so that it starts to the right, and then shapes towards your target. Alternate between your your 2 clubs changing after every 5 balls and keep a note of how many balls you successfully shape. Remember that making the ball move right to left is not enough, it must start right of your target and then draw back, finishing no more than 5 yards left of the pin. Make a written note of how many functional draws you hit and this will be your target for your next practice session.

• 10 balls – Finish by hitting these balls with a wedge to complete your session.

Niall McGill

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