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Should I use a hybrid?

Do you struggle to hit your long irons?

Do you love your hybrid and wonder why they weren’t invented 20 years ago?

Well, hybrids weren’t really needed back then, as in the 1990’s and before a 4 iron had 28 degrees, a 3 iron 24, a 2 iron 20 & a 1 iron 17 degrees.

Skip forward 20 years and a 4 iron has 20 degrees and a 3 iron 17 and the manufacturers don’t even make a 1 iron anymore!This means that your modern 4 iron is really a 2 iron and your 3 iron is a 1 iron (and not many players could hit a 1 iron!)

So if you are struggling to hit your long irons, don’t worry about it, as not many players can hit them. In fact many Tour players have nothing longer than a 5 iron in their bag and they’re the best players in the world!

Go and get yourself a hybrid as the head design will help create a much higher ball flight with the equivalent loft on an iron head.

Niall McGill

PGA Professional

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