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The fairway bunker shot

The fairway bunker shot can be a tricky one, so today I thought I would show you how to play them effectively. Firstly and probably most important is club selection. You must select a club that has enough loft for the ball to easily clear the lip of the bunker. Get this wrong and your next shot will still be from the sand!

Once you have selected the correct club you must address the ball with a fairly wide stance, the ball positioned pretty central in your stance and a slightly firmer grip. You must also not work your feet too deeply into the sand.

On the backswing your firm grip will prevent the wrists from over cocking and will help produce a clean strike on the ball at impact helping you follow through to a well balanced complete finish.

Just like with greenside bunkers, remember that you are not allowed to ground you club before you swing. This makes the shot a whole lot more difficult but with a bit of practice you will get there.

Niall McGill

Co Founder

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